Sloppy Steak It's a KeeperEvery where I go, I find myself in conversations about food and recipes.  I guess it’s an occupational hazard!  The other day, at the butcher, I found myself exchanging recipes and ideas with him (as usual).  He always has great suggestions and inspiration!

This recipe is a variation on some of the recipes and ideas we talked about the other day.  I took his recipe and combined it with my recipe for slow cooker Italian Pot Roast.  The result was a sloppy, messy and super tasty sandwich!

Is it a Keeper?

These sandwiches were incredibly good!  And, incredibly sloppy!  I loved the variety of flavors and textures that the peppers added — a little kick from the pepperoncini, sweetness from the roasted red peppers and tangy-ness from the green peppers.

Straight up, this is one great sandwich!  Perfect for parties or an easy weeknight dinner that has little hands-on time.

Let me warn you, though, it is sloppy!  It is drippy.  It is messy.  But, it is delicious!  To help combat the sloppiness, I used hard rolls from the bakery.  I also toasted them.  I think this helped absorb some of the juiciness. I wouldn’t use traditional hamburger buns.  They’re too soft.  You’ll have a soggy mess on your hands.  I also wouldn’t let them sit.  Dish ‘em up and eat ‘em fast! It won’t be hard.  Trust me.

We loved this recipe and I know that I will be making it over and over again!  It’s one of my new favorite crock pot recipes!

In case you were wondering, this is the slow cooker I have. I absolutely LOVE it!

It's a Keeper


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2 Responses to Slow Cooker Sloppy Steak

  1. Kate Ross says:

    That looks great!
    I’m looking for a slow cooker and finding myself here.
    But now I can’t wait to try it.

    I’m choosing between the Hamilton Beach and traditional CrockPot. Do you have any suggestion?

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